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The O-G Worker Bee™!

  • The O-G Worker Bee™ is here! The PRO TOOL you've been waiting for!
     The only complete POLLEN COLLECTION & FLOWER TRIMMING workstation! 
     Rest your tired elbows while you trim your flowers in TRUE ERGONOMIC COMFORT & have all your trim tools within reach! 
  • Fully-Functional Lap-Top Workstation!
     Built-in Task Magnets & Handy Storage pockets keep your space EFFICIENT & ORGANIZED! 
  • Save your Back, Save your Pollen, Save your Time!
     Removable 100-mesh (140 micron) Stainless-Steel Pollen Screen nests into the Lid! Very Handy! 
  • Stop Wasting Valuable Plant Materials!
     Collect POLLEN & other valuable plant remnants on the GLASS mirror below the Pollen Screen 
  • Removable Lid DOUBLES as an EXTRA TRAY!
     Turn over the LID & nest in the Tray Base to work W/O the Pollen Screen - Great for SEED & FLOWER SORTING! 
  • The O-G Worker Bee™ Starter Package
     Pollen Screen - Trim Bib - Pollen Collection Kit - Elbow & Knee Pads - Removable Lid - O-G Tray with Glass Mirror - & MORE! 
  • The O-G Worker Bee™ Ultimate Package
     The ULTIMATE, PORTABLE Harvest Kit! EVERYTHING you need for your next harvest! 
  • 2nd Place BEST PRODUCT! High Times Medical Cannabis Cup Detroit 2011
     The votes are in! The O-G Worker™ Bee is the PERFECT TOOL FOR THE JOB! 
  • HARVESTIME BLACK BAGS! Smell stays inside the bag! Light stays out!
     MANY Home & Garden uses! Preserve Dried Herbs, Store Bulk Foods & Spices! MADE IN USA!!! 

Have you heard the BUZZ?

An innovative development in harvesting technology… From the hive in Oregon, we are buzzed to present the first portable, durable and truly ergonomic flower trimming system!
– The O-G Worker Bee™ from Harvestime Technologies, LLC. Patent Pending

How Does It Work?

To view the full DEMONSTRATION VIDEO of the O-G Worker Bee™, please click here.

The O-G Worker Bee™ is a professional flower trimming tray and pollen collection workstation that rests comfortably on your lap so that you can work ergonomically and more efficiently!
Just find your favorite chair, couch, or floor space, open up your O-G Worker Bee™, and start trimming your flowers while simultaneously collecting pollen! Extended storage & divided work-spaces eliminate the need for additional tables or furniture. Put on your adjustable trimming bib, place your elbows comfortably on the soft elbow pads to elevate your hands above the pollen screen. Manicure and trim your flowers as usual…

After awhile, put down your snips and stretch your hands. No neck pain? That’s because you have the perfect tool for the job! Notice how your clothes aren’t covered in sticky plant resins or flower remnants? You think that’s great? Pick up the pollen screen, nest it into the lid, and check out your bounty of pollen on the glass below! After using your O-G Worker Bee™ once, you will wonder how you ever lived without one!

Collecting Pollen for Hand-Pollination

You may have heard about the struggles of our most-efficient natural pollinator: the honey bee, but have you heard the scariest part? Scientists are predicting that the bees in the United States will be gone by the year 2035! Learn more about colony collapse disorder.

Who will pollinate our crops when the bees are gone?

With the O-G Worker Bee™, you can easily collect the pollen from the male flowers in your back-yard garden! Get ready for some BIG fruits & veggies! Hand-pollinating can lead to 4-5 times greater yields! With the rising cost of food, many households are turning to hydroponic indoor gardening for year-round food supply. Fruits & vegetables that previously proved too cumbersome to be grown indoors will flourish with your hand-pollination efforts! Read more about hand-pollination.
In addition to the benefits of collecting pollens for increasing fruit-set, many people will also find the O-G Worker Bee™ an extremely useful and practical tool for the collection of flower remnants and resins used in homeopathic tinctures or other therapeutic medicinal forms. Learn how to make medicinal tinctures at home…



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